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A Video by Al E. Parker...Alex Jones takes on the New World Order, just as H.G. Welles fictional character 'The Chief' did in the film adaptation of his blueprint for the future, 'Things to Come'.  This short film finally answers the question, if Chief was against the New World Order and an advocate for national sovereignty, wouldn't he be the hero?  The film also explores the parallels in the conflict between Chief and world totalitarian 'John Cabal' and the real world battle between imperious Piers Morgan and grass roots hero Alex Jones. C. Ellsworth Toohey, The Banner “Al Parker has done it again, a work of genius not seen since the glory days of Orson Welles.”
The follow-up to the Save the Delano VOA video, that details the true motives for the irrational decision to phase out American shortwave broadcasting to the world.  The implications for security, America's image across the globe and the future of all forms of shortwave are grave.
The last remaining intact Voice of America shortwave broadcast facility in Delano, California is facing destruction unless we act now to save a vital part of our cultural heritage.  The Voice of America radio service was not only important to deployed troops and Americans working overseas, it also provided oppressed people around the world a window onto a free society.
Vintage Audio Mixing Consoles are the perfect companions to the growing number of retired broadcast radio transmitters finding their way into Ham shacks across American and beyond! See how these lost treasures are being restored and returned to service.  See how these American-made wonders of a bygone era of engineering, art and excellence are transforming the ham shacks of a whole new generation of dynamic personalities who do it not for money or fame, but for the love of radio.
Al E. Parker is no ‘one-note-Johnnie’.  Here are some of his purely artistic video endeavors:
Watch This Space for more videos from the heart and soul of Al E. Parker, the man who gave image to sound and sound to the profound.............
Bob Wahlsteen, known professionally as Bob Chance, renders another unforgettable, mischievous musical performance, turning the signs of the zodiac into his personal little black book! As with all of his songs, Bobs imagination and sense of fun are contagious. As you listen over and over again it will become clear that everything came together in this session. Like the beauties depicted, this musical fantasy is timeless! Video by Al E. Parker
Bob Wahlsteen, known professionally as Bob Chance, presents a musical tribute to the film noir classic 'Detour'. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Bob reminds us all what it's like to be on the hook for a dame with a heart as cold as ice. Most would agree that fate wears spiked heels and that the doomed hero of 'Detour' is the ultimate 'Door Mat'. Video by Al E. Parker 
Bob Wahlsteen, known professionally as Bob Chance, presents a timeless poem to the rewards of waiting for the Ice Cream Man. The sheer fun of this song is a tribute to a creative vision and winning collaboration with masters in their fields. As Bob proves, we are never too old to respond to the jingle of the Ice Cream Man! Video by Al E. Parker
A Video by Al E. Parker... The NSA has targeted the American People with a huge assist from the mainstream media machine led by Fox News. This brilliant short film explores the process by which the population has been prepared from childhood to accept the most outrageous, anti-liberty propaganda. The fake Left/Right paradigm completely breaks down when it comes to Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.  When so-called Republicans like Mike Rogers and Peter King join forces with Dianne Feinstein the people are in grave danger!