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AES Oral History 018: Les Paul
Man of Multi-track....
AES Oral History 001: Michael L. Dorrough
Man of Multi-band!
Mike shares his views on recording techniques and audio processing!
The Late Les Paul, Mike Dorrough & Other Audio Innovators Interviews On YouTube:
 Les Paul & Mike Dorrough  at recent AES Show
Mike Dorrough's Struggle to Save Shortwave Service for Blind & Visually Impaired Continues....
Federal Intervention is KEY!
Dane County and Town of Oregon officials collude with First American and developers to steal a key strip of land, denying the Dorroughs effective use of the land, living space and costly radio broadcasting facilities. While denying safe access and use with one hand the same officials raise property taxes and upkeep costs with the other. The clock is ticking as financial reserves are being eaten away by the highest property taxes in the nation! Immediate action by law enforcement will be needed if this unique radio service is to be salvaged!
Letter to Eric Holder: "California-based, industry giant First American Title Insurance Company knowingly colluded with a land seller to convey to us a portion of a faulty, un- saleable farm subdivision in Wisconsin.  The original and only deed transfer agreed to by all parties is 16.2-acres described as Lot-2 CSM #7430.  Two years later First American Vice President Marvin Ripp executed a fraudulent, forged correction deed to steal a key portion of our land in order to mitigate liability for aiding and abetting the conveyance of a non-compliant parcel for residential development, and to open the door for mass development of adjacent properties.  Lot-2 CSM #7430 now describes a leftover, non-viable strip of disputed land while our amputated and now virtually useless parcel has been assigned an entirely different certified survey created through forgery and crude ‘cut and paste’ techniques.  These crimes were committed against us while we were living in California and involved telephonic and facsimile transmissions across state lines.  The glaring forgeries are still on file in the office of the Dane County Register of Deeds." 
Can Radio Facility Serving Blind & Visually Impaired be Saved from Local Wisconsin Corruption and the Most Dangerous, Most Fined Corporation in America?
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