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Profundity personified, Al Parker is the only name you need to know.

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John Cypher  Once tried in vain to compete with Al E. Parker on the corporate battlefield. Once vanquished and broken, has found new dignity by swearing his eternal allegiance to the media legend.  John gladly does everything from sales, accounting to ‘grooming the stool’ at RadioNational. Jane Dil She couldn’t have Al E. Parker in marriage, so she settled for being the next best thing, corporate concubine.  Jane is proud to give her all for the greater glory of RadioNational. Robert Doe A hollow shell of a man, but useful in a thousand ways.  Bob is here to serve RadioNational’s millions of fans, followers and customers.  He is also responsible for the care and maintenance of the RadioNational skyscraper’s (formerly the Wynand Building) comprehensive network of suicide nets.

RadioNational & Al E. Parker.....

...Guardian and creator of a new kind

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Al E. Parker devised RadioNational as a venue for one-stop media shopping.  ‘Technocratic, theater of the mind for the lobotomized masses’, best describes the RadioNational ethos.  If you want to be ‘in the know’ spin that dial to your local RadioNational affiliate.  A famous fictional character once said it best, “HU-man or RO-man, THAT is the question.” The RadioNational experience is one of sublime fidelity.  Fidelity to sound, fidelity to image and fidelity to truth.  Don’t cry for me Argentina, Evita has left the room but ‘Alvita’ is alive and swell. Moving far beyond the surly bonds of Earth to the waiting arms of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, RadioNational is the voice of humanity.   The human race should be proud and grateful that a Universe teeming with superior and powerful lifeforms would first get to know the puny human race through the eyes, ears, and throat of Al E. Parker.  Otherwise the human race might be viewed as nothing more than a disposable infestation, rather than worthwhile peers.  You owe your very existence to RadioNational! Contact:


107 E. Rogues Path Huntington Station NY 11746 USA t: 1-516-532-8115 web: www.radionational.org email: radionational@aol.com