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The Great Ray Dolby Passes.... 
Audio/Processing Genius Bob Orban Shows Optimod Upgrades......... 
Forbes Magazine:

Ray Dolby died Thursday in San Francisco, age 80. He suffered from Alzheimer’s

Disease and acute leukemia.

A pioneer in the field of sound, Dolby will be remembered as the man who took the hiss out of sound recordings. With a fortune of $2.4 billion at his death, Dolby truly did make silence golden. He founded his namesake Dolby Laboratories DLB +2.95% in 1965. His work revolutionizing the immersive experience of movie theater sound started with Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange in 1971 and matured with Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977. Over the years Dolby earned 50 patents, two Oscars, multiple Emmys and a Grammy. He first entered the billionaire ranks in 2005 when Dolby Laboratories went public. The company’s revenues last year were in excess of $900 million. Last year it issued a special dividend to shareholders. Dolby, with more than 56 million shares got $200 million. With his death, Dagmar, Dolby’s wife of 47 years, assumes his fortune and place on the Forbes 400 list. They have two sons Tom and David. (Of no relation is the musician Thomas Dolby, who recorded the hit “She Blinded Me With Science.”) Read More..... 
Radio World 09.10.2013 At IBC2013, Orban will show the Optimod-FM 8600, which features improved MX peak limiter technology, decreased distortion while increasing transient punch and high-frequency power handling capacity.  According to the company, the MX peak limiter typically provides 2.5 to 3 dB more power at high frequencies, which minimizes audible HF loss caused by pre-emphasis limiting; permits drums and percussion cut through the mix; allows highs are airy; and “problem material” to be handled cleanly. The main goal of the FM-8600 is to make FM analog broadcasts more competitive with the cleanliness, punch and open high frequencies of the digital media against which FM analog transmissions now battle.  Thanks to its fresh, crisp sound, says Orban, the 8600 helped level the playing field between analog FM and digital-only competitors. Orban now also offers the Optimod-FM 8600S, a compact version of  the 8600. The 8600S features efficient switching power supply, ensuring the unit keeps cool, even in a crowded rack. The 8600S, which is available in two versions: an FM-only version (8600S-FM) and a version (8600S-HD) that includes simultaneous processing for FM and for digital transmissions like webcasts and HD Radio, provides stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding and composite limiting. Read More.....

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RadioNational will be here to take the pulse of a changing world as seen

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Al Parker’s Brilliant Video, ‘John Cabal vs. Alex Jones’
A Video by Al E. Parker...Alex Jones takes on the New World Order, just as H.G. Welles fictional character 'The Chief' did in the film adaptation of his blueprint for the future, 'Things to Come'.  This short film finally answers the question, if Chief was against the New World Order and an advocate for national sovereignty, wouldn't he be the hero?  The film also explores the parallels in the conflict between Chief and world totalitarian 'John Cabal' and the real world battle between imperious Piers Morgan and grass roots hero Alex Jones. C. Ellsworth Toohey, The Banner “Al Parker has done it again, a work of genius not seen since Orson Welles.”
Some 'stooge' worked for a 'famous inventor' in the broadcast/audio biz for 14-years, on call 24/7, at almost no salary.  This seemingly absurd arrangement was based on grandiose promises of 'eternal friendship', some old radio gear and 'future monetary rewards' from a vast array of 'new inventions' that were always on the tip of the fertile brain of Mr. Famous.  Then without warning, during the most trying time of his life, the stooge was abruptly cut off by Mr. Famous.  Surely there must be an explanation.  Who could be cruel enough to promise so much, even encourage the stooge to burn all his bridges to his family, and then dump him without explanation? When the bemused protégé finally made contact with the suddenly cold 'Mr. Famous', the ex-boss blurted out words that seemed to have been transplanted directly from the twisted mind of his 'charming' wife, we'll call 'Battle-axe'.  Battle-axe had earlier claimed during a venomous, booze-fueled attack on the stooge that the famous guy 'hadn't really invented anything'.  Those didn't seem to be the words of a loyal wife but who was the lowly schmo to judge another man's marital bliss.  After all, 'beauty' is in the eye of the beholder.  Anyway.... .....Though the subject of money was only mentioned by the stooge during times of extreme hardship, Mr. Famous coldly exclaimed that he had already paid the stooge $100,000.00!  The stooge hung up stung and shaking, as it occurred to him that, even if true, over 14-years, 100-Gs worked out to about $7,100 per year for 24/7 devoted service, about half the annual salary of a pimple-faced McDonald's worker.  Meanwhile, Mr. 'F' and family lived the 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' with world travel, multiple properties and high-end vehicles all around! Stooge was now fourteen years older, a huge gap in his resume, with no prospects, no savings, no pension, no permanent home, and massive storage fees, the sap, far too old to start over and still shy of Social Security age, contemplated &%#@*........but decided that simple hatred for his fellow man (and woman) was less stressful on the cats. THE MORAL:  DON'T TRUST ANYONE WITH NO SPINE AND A NASTY, DOMINEERING, DRUNKEN WIFE! Editor's Note to Stooge:  Is it possible that this is a 'good-cop/bad-cop' scam?  Hubby promises great rewards for work product and when the schmo outlives his usefulness the ruthless battle-axe wife gives him the boot?  I'd bet that they've pulled the same crap on other saps for services rendered at bargain prices . How do you think they got the lavish lifestyle! 
Blind Item of the Week:
We have noticed a disturbing trend at the so-called newspaper of record in the radio broadcast business.  RadioWorld seems bent on condemning with ‘faint praise’, minimizing, and even, demonizing analog AM broadcasting in virtually every issue.  Let us never forget the past history of RadioWorld in promoting some very toxic concepts such as the reducing of AM bandwidth from 12-kHz to 6-kHz (now 5-kHz) and the execrable and disastrous IBOC system.  RadioWorld seems dedicated to sacrificing the long heritage of AM as the backbone of radio broadcasting on the altar of selling digital equipment for its advertisers.  They have done for AM what President Obama has done for heath-care.  RadioWorld and others have made analog AM ‘non-viable’ by ruining the fidelity of AM, just as Mr. Obama’s goal is to wreck private insurance-based health-care.  Obama really wants single-payer, socialized health care, just as RW and industry insiders want to get rid of legacy analog AM to go all digital.  Mr. Obama and RadioWorld will surely succeed in ruining the current systems, but will not prevail in the end.  People will become ‘Refuseniks’, opting out of any expensive systems governments and industries attempt to impose from the top-down.  Greedy power-mongers always kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.